New Jersey IV Fluid Therapy Specialists frequently help patients recover from acute and short-term health issues. Because IV Drips can be infused with numerous different types of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, IV Fluid Therapy provides patients with a wide range of benefits. The nutrients can be combined in countless ways, allowing treatments to be customized to suit individual needs and concerns.

While eating a healthy diet can go a long way, some nutrients cannot be obtained from food in the quantities a person needs to properly recover from illness. IV Fluid Therapy specialists can help patients determine which nutrients can improve their specific health challenges, allowing them to achieve a faster recovery time. Read on to learn about the many benefits you can gain from IV Therapy, such as more energy, mental clarity and increased vitality.

Doctors use Nutrient IV Therapy to improve several conditions, some of which include:


Men and women on the go, athletes, students and people with busy lives can suffer from dehydration. Even people that are recovering from food poisoning or a stomach illness may experience a form of dehydration. Maintaining hydration is important for brain function, balancing electrolytes, digestion, healthy skin, flushing toxins, kidney function and staying alive. While people can live for many days without food, they cannot live for very long without being hydrated. IV Drip specialists can help patients that want to rehydrate their cells and bodies with nutrient rich infusions.

Cold and Flu

Unfortunately, seasonal changes often bring about an onslaught of colds and the flu. Many people do not have time to take away from school, family responsibilities or work because of illness. IV Therapy can help patients prevent colds and the flu or recover more quickly with infusions that include high doses of Vitamin C, Glutathione and B12. Many patients experience faster recovery times with the help of IV Therapy.


Minor or major surgery inevitably takes a toll on the body, but there are many steps a patient can take for a faster and smoother recovery. IV Therapy can be included in a post-surgery regimen to help the body’s tissues repair more rapidly and to replace the nutrients that were used during the surgery to keep the body alive. Post-surgery IV Drips may include B Vitamins, Glutathione, Vitamin C and minerals.

Morning Sickness

Most pregnant women experience first trimester morning sickness or queasiness. IV Therapy specialists can help women make sure that they are getting enough vitamins and minerals to support their pregnancies, such as B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc, which can also help to quell morning sickness.

Jet Lag

Traveling due to work or leisure can be accompanied by jet lag, which may take days or weeks to fully recover from. IV Therapy can help men and women to enjoy their travels more fully by helping to reduce the consequences of jet lag, some of which may include fatigue, headaches, dehydration or poor sleep.


Thousands of people suffer from daily bouts of nausea and other gut issues, and IV Therapy can help reduce instances of nausea while improving digestion. Vitamin infusions of B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid can all help the body to better assimilate food for transportation and transformation.


A night of drinking often results in a hangover, which can greatly reduce job performance and the ability to handle responsibilities like family, school and work. Fortunately, IV Therapy can help you rapidly recover from hangovers through hydration and nutrients that detoxify the bloodstream and the liver, allowing them to resume their usual activities at an optimal performance level.

These conditions are just a few of the acute issues that can benefit from IV Therapy. A New Jersey IV Fluid Therapy specialist can help patients improve their overall health and wellness while improving specific health complaints. Countless patients have been able to overcome their short-term health challenges with customized IV Drip protocols.

To learn more about the benefits of IV Therapy for short-term illnesses, contact our experienced New Jersey IV Drip Doctors!

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