New Jersey IV Therapy Doctors help to improve the lives of patients with chronic diseases through IV Therapy drips, allowing them to receive vast amounts of nutrients directly into their bloodstream. This therapy is a good supplement to existing treatment plans for patients that are suffering from serious or chronic diseases and those that wish to prevent dangerous health conditions. IV Therapy prescriptions and dosages of nutrients can be tailored to fit individual needs, and a specialist can determine which nutrients and drips are best suited to help patients treat their particular health concerns.

Working as a natural therapy, IV Therapy provides countless physiological advantages, and aside from improving chronic health conditions, many people that use IV Therapy on a regular basis as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with other health protocols report experiencing a wide number of health benefits. Countless numbers of men and women have been able to reduce the effects of their chronic illnesses and boost overall wellness levels through IV Therapy.

Some conditions that IV Therapy can help to improve include:

Epstein Barr Virus

The root cause of several other illnesses, mystery health conditions, symptoms and debilitating or chronic health challenges. Over 60 unrecognized strands possibly exist. Targeting the nervous system, Epstein Barr Virus can live in the body for years, causing endless inflammation, nervous system tics, aches, body pain, joint pain and organ inflammation. Boosting immune function through an increased intake of fruits, vegetables and nutrients, such those used in IV Therapy drips can help the body to beat Epstein Barr Virus and prevent ongoing and long-term consequences.


Another chronic illness that attacks the nerves and takes up residence in parts of nervous system. While only one strand of shingles is currently recognized, current studies affirm that over twenty may actually exist. Shingles may be responsible for chronic itching, including variations that are accompanied with or without a rash. IV Therapy can provide nutrients to the body that can assist in killing the shingles virus and enable the immune system to overcome it.

Lyme Disease

Occurs when an infected tick carrying harmful bacteria bites a person and infects their bloodstream, leading to chronic and ongoing illness. IV Therapy can accompany antibiotics to help the immune system fight off the bacteria and reduce the after-effects of the illness. IV Therapy specialists have used drips that contain Myer’s Cocktail, vitamin c, glutathione and b-vitamins to improve secondary symptoms of Lyme disease.


Patients need all of the immune system boosting benefits that they can possibly obtain to maintain the integrity of their immune function for as long as possible. IV Therapy can supplement treatment plans that include medications, stress relief therapies and other nutritional or exercise regimens. Myer’s Cocktail, b-vitamins, vitamins a and Cc and minerals can all help the body to improve its ability to fight the virus.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This condition leads to ongoing debilitation through fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, poor sleep and aches. IV Therapy drips can help patients to boost their vitality, dispel toxins and reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue. IV Therapy has helped many patients with this illness to regain their overall health and wellness levels.


Often manifests with tender points, aches, bowel and urinary issues and even depression, all of which can greatly reduce your quality of life. IV Therapy Doctors can help patients to supplement nutrients, such as vitamin c, glutathione, b-vitamins and alpha-lipoic acid, that can reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia

Learn More About IV Therapy For Chronic Conditions

IV Therapy Specialists can help people to greatly reduce the symptoms related to chronic conditions and to improve their health problems. Because mostly anyone can benefit from IV Therapy, there are several options for dosages and available nutrients. An IV Therapy specialist can help patients with chronic illnesses to determine which combinations of nutrients can best benefit them and their specific condition. Countless men and women have been able to feel healthier and improve the symptoms of their chronic diseases with the help of an individualized IV Therapy drip.

To learn more about getting started with a customized IV Therapy protocol, contact a New Jersey IV Therapy specialist today to set up an appointment!

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