New Jersey IV Therapy specialists use IV Therapy to help men and women overcome the consequences of poor immune function. A weak immune system leaves our bodies prone to disease. And, when a weakened immune system is compromised by infection, symptoms can last even longer and become more severe. Read on to learn about New Jersey IV Therapy Immune Booster protocols and more.

Protect Your Health

One of the most common infections that we are put in contact with every year is the flu. Influenza can cause weeks of fever, fatigue, body chills, nausea and vomiting—even for people with strong immune systems. And, it can be even more serious in vulnerable populations such as infants, the elderly and those with weak or compromised immune systems. In the United States alone, over 36,000 people a year die from the flu and a further 200,000 are hospitalized. While many people receive flu shots in the fall, there are further steps to prevent infection and boost immune function. Intravenous (IV) Therapy is often used by specialists to protect vulnerable patients from the flu virus or to help them recover far faster if they have already gotten sick.

Of course, the flu is just one example; IV Therapy is also helpful for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, respiratory ailments, muscle pains, frequent colds, mood disorders and a general low immunity.

Better than Oral Supplements

An IV drip is a powerful tool for strengthening the body’s immune system and improving overall health.  IV Therapy is often found to be a much faster and far more effective solution than taking oral vitamin supplements for two reasons:

First, oral supplements must pass through the digestive process before being released into the body, which takes time. Several hours may pass between the time a supplement is taken and the time the body receives the benefit.

Second, when supplements are taken orally, a large percentage of the nutrients are not absorbed by the body and are eliminated through urination.

An IV drip, however, bypasses the patient’s gut and goes directly into the bloodstream. This means that 100% of the nutrients reach your cells and start working immediately to improve cellular health. This in turn boosts immunity and reduces or eliminates the symptoms of numerous contagious illnesses. Patients often notice an increase in energy right away and find that they feel better in days instead of weeks!

Beyond Vitamin C: Vitamins Used in IV Therapy for Immunity

When many people think of preventing colds and flu or boosting their immunity, the first thing they do is increase foods with vitamin c or start taking supplements. Vitamin C has the ability to neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins present in the body. It improves immunity naturally by providing it with the power it needs to fight bacterial and fungal infections and promote healing. Medical researchers have even discovered a link between high levels of vitamin c and the prevention of cancer.

However the body can only absorb a fairly low amount of vitamin c when it needs to pass through the digestive tract. In fact high doses of vitamin c taken orally can cause nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea. That is why receiving vitamin c intravenous therapy is so effective. Because the IV bypasses the digestive system, much higher doses of vitamin c can be administered and absorbed without any ill effects. This reduces susceptibility to illness and helps to eliminate any symptoms that are already present.

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