New Jersey IV Therapy Specialists can significantly help men and women who are at high risk for cancer, going through chemotherapy or in remission from cancer. By providing the body with a rapid infusion of nutrients through IV Therapy, the body’s cells are more able to take in nutrition and heal. Nutrients containing antioxidants can also eliminate free radicals and cellular oxidation, both of which increase the body’s potential for disease.

Intravenous therapy protocols can inject high levels of nutrients and vitamins in the body that are essential to maintaining health, fighting disease and preventing illness. The benefits of maintaining proper nutritional levels while recovering from cancer or trying to prevent future occurrences are far reaching and have a positive impact on the body.

The Cancer Epidemic

During the past few decades, cases of cancer have almost tripled. More types of aggressive cancers are becoming prevalent than ever before. Studies estimate that over the next 30 years, almost 1 in 3 people will be guaranteed to develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. While there are many hypotheses as to why cancer has become such an epidemic, recent studies have found four primary factors that contribute to the development of cancer.

These main contributors include an accumulation of heavy metals, pesticides such as DDT, radiation exposure through the environment or machines and chronic viral exposure. While heavy metals like mercury and DDT are no longer used, they can still be passed down in the bloodstream from parent to child. Despite the various factors that cause increases in cancer diagnoses, men and women can protect themselves through fortification of the immune system with ample amounts of nutrition.

How can IV Therapy protect men and women from cancer?

IV Therapy Doctors regularly use IV Therapy to help patients protect and strengthen the body. The nutrition provided with IV Therapy has a number of unique benefits. Read on to learn about a few of these powerful benefits.

Strengthening Immunity

The body is magnificently designed to stave off viruses, bacteria and cancer. However, immune function can become impaired due to several factors, including stress, poor dietary habits, environmental factors and toxins. All of these factors use and leach nutrition out of the body, but IV Therapy can help patients replenish their adequate levels of nutrition with drips that contain Vitamin A, B, C and important minerals. Balanced levels of nutrition can greatly benefit the immune system, giving the body a better chance of fighting off disease.


Inevitably, toxins accumulate in the body that impair immune functions, increase inflammation and raise the risk of developing cancer. Nutrients such as alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione work to reduce inflammation and guide toxins out of the body. Reducing toxicity levels in the body can greatly benefit the immune system and lower the risk of developing cancer.

Eliminating Free Radicals

Free radicals often come from hazardous toxins in the environment such as exhaust, cigarette smoke, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. These molecules are missing an electron, making them highly reactive to our body chemistry. Because of this, free radicals can bind to healthy cells and tissues and damage those functioning and active cells.

Free radicals can also increase the production of estrogen in the body, which promotes tissue growth is linked to some forms of cancer. The nutrients used in IV Therapy can literally bind to free radicals and eliminate them, helping patients to improve their overall health and wellness levels while reducing the risk of cancer.

Working in Conjunction with Other Therapies

IV Therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as exercise regimens, dietary changes, stress reduction techniques and medications for optimal results. Doctors and patients need an arsenal of wellness remedies in order to fight and win the battle against cancer. Many patients have achieved their desired treatment results by utilizing several different types of therapies.

Men and women with several different conditions and cases benefit from IV Therapy. Obtaining optimal levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients can have a significant positive impact on your overall health and your body’s disease-fighting capabilities. New Jersey IV Therapy Doctors can tailor therapies to match your individual needs, and many patients have been able to reduce the consequences of several challenging symptoms with the help of IV Therapy. To learn more about getting started with a customized IV Therapy plan, contact a New Jersey IV Therapy Specialist today to learn more!

To learn more about getting started with a customized IV Therapy plan, contact a New Jersey Intravenous Therapy Doctor today to schedule an appointment!

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